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Lloyd Flanders Replacement Cushions

In addition to the Lloyd Flanders cushions on our website, we can also sell you cushions for certain discontinued Lloyd Flanders furniture. In addition, we can sell you partial cushions. For example, if your seat cushion is in good condition but your back cushion needs replacing, we can order you just the back cushion. We can also order new fabric covers for your existing cushions.

Lloyd Flanders' premium Cloud Cushioning is constructed from multiple layers of 100% polyester fiber. Each cushion is hydrophobic (drains and dries more easily), hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and does not mildew. While the fibers themselves have not changed from our previous cushioning, our new Cloud Cushioning differs in how the fiber batting is structured, creating just the right balance between comfort and support.

The defining characteristic is in the dual-core system. The inner core (support layer) is made from primarily conjugated polyester fiber - a three dimensional crimp in the fibers which significantly increases the resiliency of the batting. Due to its resiliency, conjugated polyester batting has taken the place of polyurethane foam in many applications.

The outer core is silicone-treated "slick" polyester batting. Sandwiched between the outer wrap and the conjugated inner core, this layer is responsible for the "soft landing" prior to sinking through to the support of the inner core, greatly enhancing the comfort of the seat.

If you need replacement cushions for a Lloyd Flanders product that is not pictured below or a discontinued Lloyd Flanders product, go to, select your fabric and then let us know which cushion and fabric you desire using the Contact Us feature. If you are uncertain about what you need, email photos to  We will reply with a price quote and the estimated shipping time.  The price quote will be the lowest price allowed by Lloyd Flanders for a sale of such replacement cushions on the internet.  You will receive free freight on your purchase.

 Each of the listed prices is the LOWEST PRICE allowed by Lloyd Flanders for a sale of such replacement cushions on the internet.  Your entire purchase will SHIP FREE.