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With the exception of KNF mosaic tables greater than 18" in diameter and Castelle furniture items, all products on this website will be shipped to you free of charge within the 48 contiguous states of the United States.  Unlike other internet furniture retailers, we do not charge a fee for shipments of oversized items.

Your purchase will be delivered in boxes and will be unloaded from the truck and left curbside (or brought to your door in the case of Fed Ex or UPS shipments).  Items shipped by Fed Ex and UPS will be left at your door. If you desire to be present when Fed Ex and UPS shipments are dropped off, please state Signature Required in the Notes section of your shopping cart. You will be responsible for the assembly of any items requiring assembly (see specifications for each product you ordered – products requiring assembly will be clearly noted).  You will also be responsible for discarding all boxes, pallets and packing material.

With respect to Kingsley Bate & Ratana furniture and KNF mosaic tables over 18", the furniture will arrive shrink wrapped on a wooden pallet. Someone must be present at the time of delivery to inspect for damage and sign for the shipment. The delivering driver will deliver to the end of the driveway. They will not assist in moving, unpacking or assembling the furniture. 

If ordering more than one product from the same or a different manufacturer, you may receive each individual item at different times.  Each manufacturer has unique shipping times for every product.  Please review the shipping lead-time on the home page of our website and on the product page. Once your order ships you will receive an email with the tracking information. That email will contain which product has been shipped.  Example:  If ordering an umbrella, you may receive the umbrella canopy and the umbrella frame in separate shipments.





Any shipping time quoted you is merely an approximation.  Invariably, actual shipping times vary from those quoted.  Into the Garden will not be responsible for delays in shipments.  You will be obligated to accept items regardless of delays in shipments.





For shipments by motor carrier, you will be contacted by the delivery company to schedule a delivery appointment.  Most motor carriers offer appointment windows (usually 2-4 hours) between 8 AM and 5 PM.  It is imperative that someone be present during such time period to accept the delivery.  If a motor carrier is forced to make a second trip due to a missed delivery appointment, you will be responsible for any additional fee charged by the motor carrier.





It is your responsibility to inspect your order prior to signing for it.  Upon delivery of your freight shipment, please follow these directions.


First, confirm that the number of packages on the bill of lading (delivery receipt) matches the same number of packages being delivered. If anything is missing on the delivery truck that is present on the bill of lading, note this clearly on the bill of lading before signing.  Then call us at 1-844-451-5125 immediately to report any inconsistencies between the bill of lading and the actual shipment.  We will then contact our freight carrier to track the missing pieces or replace them, if necessary.


Second, inspect the packaging for damages. This damage includes that the carton is crushed or has any punctures, tears, indentations or creases. Shipping pallets and shrink wrap should be in good condition and intact. If there is any such external damage to the box, if the pallet is broken or if the shrink wrap is punctured, torn or missing,  please open all boxes to inspect for concealed damage.  If there is any concealed damage, you must refuse delivery for that item AND note the damaged item on the bill of lading before signing it. For example " [name  of item] refused due to damage." Only refuse items that are damaged. Do not refuse the entire shipment. If items are refused that are not damaged you will be responsible for shipping charges when these non-damaged items are re-delivered. Do not assume an item is damaged merely because there is damage to the packaging, pallet or shrink wrap-open each box to inspect its contents for damage prior to refusing that box. As soon as the delivery driver has left, it is the recipient’s responsibility to call Into the Garden at  1-844-451-5125 to report the damage so we can work on getting you a replacement.  If no concealed damage is discovered upon inspection, please note on the bill of lading prior to signing that the box was damaged.  Example:  “Box had puncture on side.”


Third, except as set forth in Fourth below, if there isn’t any noticeable external damage, simply sign for your shipment and note on the bill of lading that the contents of the freight were not inspected for concealed damage.  If you would prefer to check for concealed damage before relieving the driver, please do so. If you discover any concealed damage, note same on the delivery receipt before signing it. Otherwise, after the driver has left, and within three (3) days of receipt by you, inspect the contents of your package for any concealed damage.  If there is any concealed damage, it is the recipient’s responsibility to contact Into the Garden immediately at 1-844-451-5125 to report these damages so we can work with the freight company to get you a replacement.

Fourth, if you have ordered any of the following Kingsley Bate products: (1) a dining table 50" or larger in length or diameter; (2) woven(outdoor wicker) furniture; (3) stainless  furniture; or (4) aluminum furniture, even if there is no external damage to the box, you must open each box in your shipment and inspect each product for concealed damage while the driver is present and before signing the delivery receipt. Place any Kingsley Bate woven, stainless or aluminum furniture on a level service such as a glass table top to assure that all legs touch the surface and that the frame is not otherwise bent. If you discover any concealed damage, note same on the delivery receipt before signing it. 

If for some reason the driver refuses to wait while you undertake the inspection for concealed damage under Second, Third and Fourth, ask that the dispatcher be contacted so you have adequate time to inspect for concealed damage. If the driver still refuses to wait, do not sign the bill of lading/delivery receipt and contact us immediately.   

If you sign the bill of lading without noting any damages or inconsistencies with the freight, then legally you are acknowledging that you have received your shipment in good condition and Into the Garden will not be responsible for any damages or missing items.  Additionally, if the recipient authorizes the freight company to leave the shipment without signature, Into the Garden will not be responsible for any damages or missing items.


                  All freight damages must be reported to Into the Garden within three days of receipt


Always retain a copy of the signed bill of lading/delivery receipt.



We offer  white glove delivery service to your destination. Our white glove delivery service includes the moving company making a delivery appointment, bringing the items to your location, removing the items you purchased from all packing material, placing the items as you direct and taking away and disposing of all packing material.

Except as noted in the first sentence, if you desire delivery services in addition to standard curbside delivery, note such request at Checkout or Contact Us and we will quote you a charge for these additional services. 

For international shipments and shipments to Hawaii and Alaska, we will contact you and give you a quote for the delivery charge to your location. We deliver everything on this website free within the contiguous 48 United States.There will be a freight surcharge for shipments outside the 48 contiguous United States. In addition, for shipments from the United States to Canada and within Canada, you will be responsible for paying GST to Revenue Canada and any applicable provincial taxes. For shipments across the water, you will be responsible for any applicable duty and taxes. The estimated shipping times quoted on this website do not apply to shipments outside the 48 contiguous United States. Shipments outside the 48 continguous United States will invariably take longer. We will attempt to get an estimated shipping time frame when we quote the end cost to you.



Intothegardenoutdoor is not required to, and does not, collect Kentucky or South Dakota sales or use tax. Your purchase may be subject to Kentucky or South Dakota use tax unless the purchase is exempt from taxation in Kentucky or South Dakota. If not exempt, it is the purchaser's obligation to file and pay use tax on your purchase using the applicable state forms.