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The Benefits of Teak Outdoor Furniture

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Want outdoor furniture that’s elegant and sustainable? Read On

The solution to durable outdoor furniture is teak wood. Kingsley Bate began using teak to create furniture in 1983. It was the first American company to use this material while carefully abiding to Indonesian government law to prevent deforestation. The agreement created a controlled program that limited the number of trees to be used. This prevented harm to forests and proved that other companies could enact a program to use natural resources without harming the environment. Originally Javanese teak was used to create all furniture, however; Kingsley Bate now uses a limited amount of Burmese teak since the demand for furniture increased. Teak’s durability and style makes it a favorite among consumers looking for outdoor furniture that will survive years of all-weather climates. Teak wood is so sustainable that it is often passed down to other family members over time. There are a few types of teak wood including: Grade A Teak, Rustic Teak and Reclaimed Teak. Make sure you research how you would like your teak wood furniture to look before you buy a specific type. All types of teak wood have the same durability but have unique characteristics of their own. The following relates to Grade A Teak wood.

While it originally has a golden color, teak develops a beautiful grey color in about nine months or so depending on how long it has endured the outdoor elements. If you prefer teak’s natural golden color, it can be easily maintained by using Kingsley Bate Teak Protector. The protector needs to be applied seasonally or when fading on the wood occurs. If the greyish color begins to peak out of your natural teak furniture simply use the Kingsley Bate Teak Cleaner. It will restore teak furniture back to its naturally beautiful state found when first purchased. While exposed to the outdoors, teak may get small cracks throughout time outside. Don’t worry about these minor flaws, they are just the wood expanding and it will add to the uniqueness of the wood maturing. An added bonus to this already loved wood is it’s easy cleaning process. A soft bristle or sponge works great with a simple solution of soap, bleach and water.